Startup 2.0

Startup 2.0

Since 2006, we have been focusing on customer centricity and customer relations. Together with our partners we develop new strategies and create real added value with our IT solutions. Our major customers in this area include DeutscheBahn, Miles&More and PAYBACK. Q.One Technologies is currently evolving from a digital agency to an IT company. With success: Today we work for the largest German customer loyalty programs AND are privileged to develop our own software product: the CloudBasket. We would be happy to introduce the Q.One team to you.

Q.One Management

CEO & Co-Founder

Thomas Heidelbach

Thomas Heidelbach is responsible for Q.One's strategy. He has been an entrepreneur for more than 35 years. For 20 years he ran an advertising company, related to a large German industrial group, with over hundreds of employees. Afterwards, he successfully realized as an entrepreneur various e-commerce ideas. Together with Carsten Puschmann he founded today's Q.One Technologies.

CEO & Co-Founder

Carsten Puschmann

Carsten Puschmann is responsible for consulting, marketing & sales. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of 16. As the owner of a marketing agency, he followed digital trends early on and set pioneering innovations. As a brilliant networker, he is bringing together different people from the most diverse areas to create values for all. Carsten and Thomas know each other since 1995 when organizing together a youth fair. In 2006 they established Q.One. A well-practised team relying on each other.


Jens Friedrich

Jens Friedrich is responsible for software development including UX and technical operations. He has been a successful IT executive for more than 20 years. Before joining Q.One in December 2017, as Business Unit Director IT, he was responsible for software development at TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH, Europe's market leader among load space and freight exchanges. Jens has also been working for BITMARCK as Head of Architectue & Technology. His Code of Happiness lies in a stable corporate culture and open communication.


Carsten Schaeffer

Carsten Schaeffer managed Miles & More International, the Loyalty and Reward Program of Lufthansa German Airlines for 6 years. During that time he got in touch with Q.One and learned to appreciate their contribution and value. He is a trained airline professional and served for Lufthansa 28 years in various positions in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, New York/USA and Dubai/UAE. Today he is aiming to support Q.One in the transition from a provider of IT products and services to an organization developing and distributing their own product. In his new role he will focus on distribution, marketing and customer experience. Carsten is an expert in customer centricity and wants to use his experience to extend the international footprint of Q.One. His motto: Promote dynamic behaviour and change, without leaving the team behind.


Daniel Milazar

Daniel Milazar is our Chief Technical Officer and responsible for our software architecture and infrastructure. He is also responsible for the selection of technologies. Daniel has been part of the Q.One team since its foundation in 2006 and has decisively influenced the software development of Q.One. Prior to his commercial training, he developed his first programs at the age of 12, among others in the language C. As CTO, he was responsible for programming the ClouBasket prototype and developed the patent-pending robot process for the CloudBasket.


Alexander Hochgürtel

Alexander Hochgürtel is responsible for the strategic and organizational development of Q.One. Alexander is a lateral thinker, innovator and entrepreneur. Already during his studies in innovation and information management he founded his first startup in digital marketing. As management consultant of Kienbaum Consultants International, Alexander supported companies in the development and implementation of digital innovations.

Head of Human Resources

Ann-Katrin Seidelt

Ann-Katrin Seidelt is our Head of Human Resources. For more than eight years the qualified business graduate has been working in the human resources sector. As HR Manager she has already led several teams and is responsible for various human resources areas. Ann-Katrin completed a correspondence course as a psychological counselor while employed. Her passion is strategic human resources work as well as employee support and development. Since January 2018, Ann-Katrin has been looking after the interests of Q.One employees and ensuring that the company has the right growth structures.

Head of Communications

Katrin Staudinger

As Head of Communications, Katrin Staudinger is responsible for our digital communication. The former print and TV journalist has been working in the online industry for several years. She is in charge of our social media channels, maintains press contacts and manages the Q.One websites.

Q.One Advisory Board

We are proud of our versatile network of intriguing personalities and experienced entrepreneurs from various industries. Some of the most inspiring minds have agreed to accompany and support Q.One in the form of an advisory board. The advisory board functions as sparring partner of the management and is driving the development of Q.One from a digital agency to an IT company with format.

Chairman of the advisory board

Michael Hochgürtel

Michael Hochgürtel is Chairman of the Q.One Technologies Advisory Board. The experienced networker has many years of experience in developing companies and sales organizations. Michael also supports Q.One as a business angel.

Board Member

Ludwig Fresenius

Ludwig Fresenius, the entrepreneur and great-great grandson of Carl Remigius Fresenius, the founder of the laboratory school from which the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences emerged, continues the long educational and scientific tradition of his family. The former sole shareholder of Institut Fresenius is today the majority shareholder of Cognos AG and also honorary president at Fresenius University. The name Fresenius is one of the best-known brands in the health and education sectors. Ludwig Fresenius acquired a ten percent stake in Q.One in August 2018.

Board members

Dr. Marc Mangold

Dr. Marc Mangold is Marketing and Tourism Director at Value Retail Germany. Q.One benefits from his management experience. Marc has worked for Seven Ventures, the investment arm of the ProSieben-Sat1 Group, and Hubert Burda Media, one of Europe's leading publishing houses.

Board Member

Harald Müsse

Harald Müsse is an independent management consultant in the media business with MüsseMedia-Consulting. He was previously Managing Director of Handelsblatt Media Group in Düsseldorf and Chairman of the Management Board for four years. In this capacity, he also served as managing director of numerous subsidiaries and affiliates of the media group in Germany and abroad. He has excellent knowledge of the media and a large, influential and international network. Specialized in marketing and PR topics, he can look back on many years of experience in successful brand management. He is the author of numerous technical articles and has extensive consulting experience in all major media sectors in German-speaking countries. He advises Q.One Technologies on the topics of communication, marketing and brand management Harald Müsse is married and lives in Ratingen.